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development and service history

The LVG CVI was a short-range reconnaisance and artillery aircraft. A development of the very successful LVG CV, it shared the same Benz IVu engine. (The u designation meaning that this version had increased compression"uberkomprimiert".) The CVI was a lightened, more streamlined version of Willi Sabersky-Mussigbrodt's earlier CV design.



Engine 200hp Benz  Bz IVu (The power rating of each engine varied slightly from aircraft to aircraft and this was usually stamped on the engine plate).Later versions had aluminium pistons.
Fuselage length 7.5 metres / 24.6ft
Wings (upper)  
Wings (lower)  
Weight laden 1340kg / 2955lb
Weight unladen  
Maximum speed 165kph/ 102mph
Rate of climb  
Armament Forward firing 7.92 mm Spandau, observer operated 7.92mm Parabellum
Radio Information could be transmitted via radio using a morse key. An aerial which simply consisted of an appropriate length of wire was lowered by the observer in order to transmit. The engine drove an auxilliary generator for this purpose . Communication was one way only, messages could not be received. One can only imagine the difficulty of tapping out a morse message at altitude with the vibration of the aircraft !
Heated flying suits Both pilot and observer were equipped with heated flying suits.
Parachutes Parachutes were carried.
Number produced Estimates indicate that a total of around 800 were built up until production stopped in 1919. Many LVG CVI's too late to see front line action were used in civil roles and some were in use carrying post and even fare paying passengers in the early 1920's.
modelling the LVG CVI

Classic Planes

1/72 vac.form

lvg mod1
Blue Max 1/48 lvg mod2
Wingnut wings 1/32

wingnut lvg


LVG News .The journal of restoration up until 2005 (click to see larger version of each issue)
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